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True Yoga is excited to announce that it has made a substantial investment in a state-of-the-art heating and ventilation system called Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV). ERV is a device that brings in fresh air from the outside while at the same time exhausts room air to the outside. It does this in a highly energy-efficient way by pulling the heat and the humidity out of the air that it removes
from the room while re-heating and re-humidifying the air that it draws into the room.

This results in a complete balance in the studio space with regard to temperature, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.
Have you ever attended a yoga studio and left feeling wiped-out, depleted? If so, this may explain why.

Oxygen is a necessary component of our body’s metabolism and maintaining sufficient levels in the air is critical for performance. In addition, carbon dioxide is created as a by-product of metabolism and is removed from the body through the lungs into the room air.

Inadequate room ventilation can lead to a significant drop in oxygen levels and a build-up of carbon dioxide. This ‘stale’ air may result in premature fatigue, cramping and drowsiness. By replenishing oxygen and eliminating excess carbon dioxide, the ERV will greatly enhance a yoga routine, leaving the participant with a feeling of well-being, invigoration and rejuvenation.

Yoga can place great demands on our body’s energy requirements. True Yoga’s ERV is designed to meet those demands. No longer does hot yoga has take place in a moldy, stuffy ‘hot box’. True Yoga’s ERV will enable participants to achieve a excellent cleansing work-out while at the same time providing the body with the optimal environment for a work-out and recovery. Come experience it for yourself!”

Everything starts with clean sanitized air. At True Yoga in Evergreen Colorado we make the air precisely hot & humid and continually add fresh air – so you rarely feel stuffy or closed in. In most cases, you’ll actually feel a breeze throughout the studio because the air flow is top notch. In addition, we added environmentally green features throughout the facility.

  • Heat – Our efficient heater brings in fresh oxygen from the outside at all times.
  • ERV – Our Energy Recovery Ventilator monitors carbon dioxide levels in the room and brings in fresh air throughout class. The air comes in from the outside, but before it reaches the yoga room it is pulled through HEPA filters! So the air in the yoga room is actually cleaner than the air outside! The ERV is also a green concept and helps save energy!
  • Humidity – Our top of the line humidifier blows clean steam directly into the yoga room.
  • Ductsock – The optimal way to distribute air evenly throughout the yoga room is via ductsock. Since air returns are close to the ground, the heat and air flow will be felt on the floor. Thus, air flow is top notch and energy costs are decreased supporting a green concept. The ‘sock’ is made of a sail-like material is waterproof, and anti-microbial.
  • Air Purification – True Yoga went the extra mile to install antimicrobial ductwork!
  • Floor – Evoke Luxury Vinyl Flooring : The real beauty of Evoke Flooring goes beyond safety, comfort, durability and versatility. This unique resilient flooring is also easy to maintain. It’s completely waterproof, so water damage is never a worry. And, since it dries quickly and contains a permanent antimicrobial agent, Evoke Flooring won’t promote the growth of mold and mildew, prohibits the spread of athlete’s foot and protects against bacterial growth. There is no stripping, no waxing, and most spills clean up with just water, so we don’t need all those harsh chemicals that other floor coverings require.

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True Yoga
Bergen Village
1240 Bergen Parkway
Evergreen, CO 80430

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About True Yoga

We wanted to create a studio in Evergreen that comes from the heart and welcomes practitioners of all levels; from the beginners to the experienced yoginis. All are welcome! True Yoga is a full-service yoga studio with retail, full locker rooms and a beautiful naturally lit studio equipped for traditional and “hot” classes. We are committed to providing only the finest instructors and opportunities in order to meet the needs of all of our students, regardless of ability, and to navigate the journey to healing, opening and connecting what yoga offers.

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