Here is what a few of our True Yogis have to say about us…

“I have been healing from Lyme disease for several years and was bed bound for one of those years. I wanted to get back into exercise but wanted to do so in a safe way without the chance of relapsing. I tried the Restorative Yoga class at True Yoga and loved it. It was just what my body needed. My mind can be racing in every direction when I arrive but by the time the class is over I’m calm and centered.”
– Nora Ferrari-Monnet

“True Yoga is my favorite place to practice yoga in the Evergreen and Genesee area. The studio space is clean, bright, spacious and projects a feeling of serenity. All of the instructors in the classes I have taken have been friendly, knowledgeable, quite skilled in their practice of yoga and open to questions and feedback. There is truly something here for every type of yoga enthusiast – hot classes, beginners, advanced practice, flow meditation, and restorative. I love to gather at True Yoga in Evergreen!”
– Paul Cohen

“True Yoga is a beautiful place to practice yoga. The class offerings are plentiful in both hot and traditional yoga. The studio is clean and there are changing rooms for men and women with shower facilities. Every instructor is awesome, knowledgeable and guide students with grace and eloquence. Don’t wait another day to begin a daily practice. 80% of the effort is just getting you and your mat into the studio. Be true to yourself and become a True Yoga yogi (yogini). Namaste.”
– Barb Bellio

“True Yoga is a happy hello, a warm refuge, and an energizing workout that calms my mind and fills my heart with energy. I treasure my time there!”
– Suzanne Brown

“I started at True Yoga to learn the principals of yoga and introduce them into my workout routine which had consisted of a little weight training and running. I’m hooked! I get a really intense workout and love learning the “flow”. The instructors are knowledgeable, strong and really encouraging! They inspire me to be a better yogi! Thank you!”
– Karen Hutcherson

“I started doing yoga after tearing my ACL skiing. I realized that with all the outdoor activities I do here in Colorado, I was not taking the time to pay attention to my body. I had no idea how tight my calves and hips had become from all the skiing, biking and running. As an added bonus, yoga has a way of clearing my head and helping with focus more than anything else I have tried over the years. I am so grateful to True Yoga for all the positive changes I have seen from making yoga a part of my weekly activities.”
– Julie Maus

“I have watched from a distance as my wife has immersed herself more and more deeply in her yoga class over the past several years. I admire her strength – both physical and mental – and the balance she finds through yoga. For a myriad of reasons, however, I’ve only sat on the sidelines and watched…continuing to take care of myself physically through trail running and lifting weights – but all too often plateauing in both and at least temporarily losing interest.

This holiday season, I gave Kristin the gift of a 30-day trial at True Yoga, and she challenged me by doing the same. In just the first few weeks of practicing at True Yoga, I am deeply moved. My body feels more nimble and flexible than it has in years, and my soul feels more full of gratitude, awareness, and intent than it ever has after a great run. I have felt welcomed by every person whose path I’ve crossed at True Yoga – from instructors to the others in class – regardless of where their ability lies. You have built a wonderful community there, and I’m honored to be working toward strengthening my presence within it. The physical place and spiritual energy you’re creating at True Yoga is having a profound effect on this rookie. Thanks so much!”
– Brett Hochmuth



True Yoga
Bergen Village
1240 Bergen Parkway
Evergreen, CO 80430

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About True Yoga

We wanted to create a studio in Evergreen that comes from the heart and welcomes practitioners of all levels; from the beginners to the experienced yoginis. All are welcome! True Yoga is a full-service yoga studio with retail, full locker rooms and a beautiful naturally lit studio equipped for traditional and “hot” classes. We are committed to providing only the finest instructors and opportunities in order to meet the needs of all of our students, regardless of ability, and to navigate the journey to healing, opening and connecting what yoga offers.

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